The Technology


Real-life Transforming Car

Who watched Transformers as a kid? Pretty much everybody, and if you didn’t well then you’ve most likely still seen Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox battle it out alongside some in the movies. With that in mind, a company has has created a prototype in real life called ‘Letrons’ and it’s seriously badass. A group of talented engineers in Turkey turned a simple red BMW into transforming mega-robot capable of, well, not a lot but still. I mean it’s a step up from what we’ve seen in the past with humans in dancing... Read More


You Can Now Turn Your Phone into a Game Boy

Playing Pokemon Red/Blue into the early hours of the morning, when you were six years old, was one of the best parts of childhood. With the old Game Boy being so outdated (but still amazing) a company has now made it possible to play the same games on your mobile phone! Developed by Hyperkin and revealed by Neowin, Smart Boy was simply an April Fools’ joke back last year that has now quickly become a reality. With such a great response from the public wanting Smart Boy to come into... Read More


What Useless Emoji Are You?

The thumbs-up emoji is a fantastic thing. It can reflect your agreement and content with just one simple tap of the finger. A heart emoji is adorable and can tell your loved one your deepest emotions within two and a half seconds. But what freak on this planet is using floppy disk emoji? When is that needed? Like… EVER?! Now before I get even more furious with that symbol – seriously, I’ve typed so aggressively, several letters have fallen off my keyboard – take this quick quiz to see which... Read More


Who Cares About Retina Displays?!

Multi-touch display. HD Retina. M8 motion coprocessor. 1.5µ pixels. I don’t even know what that “µ” means, for crying out loud. Why would we care about those features, Apple men? In what realm of fantasy do you think that an – and I quote – aperture of ƒ/ 2.2 would be a selling addition to the new iPhone 6? Recently, Jobs’ company announced the release of the new iOS mobile device, the iPhone 6. And it was about as good as Emile Heskey kicking a football into a net. Whereas, if... Read More