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The Weeknd cut his hair and it’s unrecognisable

The Weeknd, although known for his music and variable tone, makes a big statement in the music industry because of his hair. You know that huge floppy thing on the top of his head that looks awesome but weird at the same time? Yeah it’s now chopped all off.. That is some serious hair-do. The style features on the front-cover of his upcoming album ‘Starboy’, which is the follow up to 2015’s Beauty Behind The Madness. There is however yet to be an announce date for the album, but the... Read More


Kid Cudi Disses Kanye West and gets Fired Back

Kanye West seems to be in the news every week, he’s either sparking up some feud with Taylor or convincing people he’s Picasso. With all the drama, you’d think it couldn’t get anymore heated, but Kid Cudi decided to have at it and Kanye wasn’t going to take it lightly. Kid Cudi went from 0-100 on Twitter this week dissing Kanye & Drake for being the ‘fake ones’ and because of the ‘corny sh*t they do’ along with other reasons. It’s probably best you just have a read of the... Read More


Zayn Malik Says An Alien Told Him to Leave 1D

We’ve never been ones to talk about pop boyband celebrities such as Zayn Malik, but when it comes out that the guy quit One Direction because an alien told him so…it did catch a bit of unusual interest. The superstar artist has said that his decision to quit One Direction was based on something an alien told him to do. Zayn left the band back in March 2015 to pursue a solo-career and has since made worldwide hits such as Pillowtalk. When asked about the first time he realised he wanted to... Read More


Lady Gaga is banned from China..

The American pop star has sold more than 27m albums and has appeared in the likes of ‘American Horror Story’. Although in the past controversial, she’s been an idol for many and has spoken out about world issues that are close to our hearts. With all this in mind, it might surprise you that she has in fact been banned from China for meeting up with the Dalai Lama. Oh.. After meeting with the individual to discuss yoga, China has subsequently banned Lady Gaga from entry. The reason for all of it? The... Read More


Neil from Art Attack has been living a double-life!

Remember when you were a kid and you sat in front of the TV at 4pm to watch Art Attack? Those were the good old days! Neil was a big part of our TV lives with his bubbly personality that couldn’t go a miss, so what might surprise you is that he’s been leading a double life.. Beneath that iconic red jumper lay L-R Neil Buchanan, metal hero and guitar god. Since the CITV show came to an end in 2007, the presenter has now joined heavy metal band ‘Marseille’, playing guitar with... Read More


50 Cent’s Instagram account just got him into another battle with the Law

50 cent made headlines last year filing for bankruptcy whilst reportedly owing $41 million to creditors, but that hasn’t stopped him flashing the cash via Instagram and now the star is in a heap of trouble. Curtis James Jackson III (50 Cent) is being thrown back into the court limelight after his recent Instagram posting has shown him stocked up with a whole lot of cash even after his bankruptcy claims. The star over the past few months has gone off to openly show his wealth with a post or... Read More


RnB Chill Mix by DJ FireLite

It’s so cold outside, I think my nipples just keyed someone’s car! That’s why I’m darting inside, turning the speakers to full blast (and then some) and chilling out to Gareth O’Sullivan’s latest exclusive mix. After a long busy week and with the winter nights drawing in, grab yourself your favourite tipple. Relax and take time to chill out and listen to another exclusive Blue Inc mix by me, DJ FireLite. Turn up those speakers, press that play button and listen to his mix! Stay up-to-date with DJ FireLite on... Read More


Chip VS Tinie

I was at a pub lunch and genuinely got attacked by a squirrel. Legit. I had to throw my hunter’s chicken at it to stop it’s mad, crazed blood-lust. What’s this got to do with this bloomin’ article, I hear you ask. Well, I’m trying to explain that rodents are vicious. Don’t believe me? Ask Gareth O’Sullivan, ‘cos he’s got even more news on the artist formerly known as Chipmunk… Following on from the Chip-Bugzy beef, on Tuesday, Chip dropped yet another diss track, but this time in reply to... Read More


The Purrfect Song

Someone’s made a song of cat noises?! You have got to be kitten me right now! Our guest blogger, Gareth O’Sullivan, not only tells us about the track, but also chucks in a few more cat puns too! Run The Jewels, an Amercian hip-hop duo have dropped a new track “Oh My Darling (Don’t Meow) Just Blaze Remix” and many cat lovers are saying it’s meowtastic! If you’ve not realised yet, it’s a remix consisting cat sounds… Specifically for the cat lovers and rap fans out there. According to MTV,... Read More


Future House Mix by DJ FireLite

There’s nothing worse than docking your iPhone at pre-drinks and after a killer set, hearing Carly Rae Jepsen’s entire album play. Seriously – just try thinking of something worse. It’s impossible, right?! Luckily, our guest writer and resident mixer, DJ FireLite helps us out with his latest house mix, exclusively for us! Unfortunately winter is on it’s way and no doubt you’ve started purchasing your Blue Inc winter woolies, but nothing can beat a great party to warm the cockles! Unleash those speakers with this new 2015 house mix by... Read More


Chip VS Bugzy

If I were to tell you that – in the music industry – a chipmunk was having a fight with a 1976 film starring Jodie Foster, you’d probably think I was quoting a song from The Beatles. I’m not, however. Gareth O’Sullivan tells us all about the rap-off in the charts. If you’ve heard of Bugzy Malone then you’ve probably heard of Chip. With all this beef going on recently in the music industry, Chip spits bars back at the Manchester rapper Bugzy Malone for the second time in the... Read More


Ma-gonna and More!

So what did you do on Wednesday, 25 February 2015? Sat in your pants with a microwave meal in front of the TV watching one of the biggest music awards of the year? Well we did something similar, only with less couch potatoes and more alcohol. London‘s 02 Arena homed The BRIT Awards and we managed to get a seat. (Obviously not one of those fancy, candlelit ones, sat in between a cleavage-flashing Cara Delevingne and an even more cleavage-flashing Simon Cowell. But we was pretty close.) Artist Tracey Emin‘s... Read More