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Tom Hanks Crashed A Couple’s Wedding Pictures

From Saving Private Ryan to Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks is an undeniable legend. The movie star has been in over 50 films and is considered an iconic star in the Hollywood when he crashes your wedding pictures, you’re not exactly going to complain. Have this for a scenario, it’s your big wedding day and you’re marrying the girl/guy of your dreams in Central Park. The day couldn’t get better and you’re ready to go back to that hotel room and well, you know..then comes along Tom Hanks. TOM HANKS. According... Read More


REVEALED: Harley Quinn & Robin CONFIRMED connection – Suicide Squad

If you haven’t seen Suicide Squad yet then we suggest you go see it! No matter whether or not you thought it was amazing/terrible, it brings to life a lot of the comic-famous characters that were in need of a film feature. One character in particular, Harley Quinn, whom of which now has a confirmed connection with Batman’s partner-in-crimefighting..Robin. One of the main stars of the film, if not Will Smith, definitely has to be Margot Robbie’s role as Harley Quinn. A splash of sexy and a whole litre of... Read More


Tom Hiddleston shuts down rumours of being next 007..?

Tom Hiddleston looked to be the favourite to play James Bond after the announcement that Daniel Craig would no longer be playing the role. With all the rumours circling around, it looks like Tom isn’t so sure he’s going to be the guy for the job.. Tom recently told fans that they are probably going to be ‘disappointed’. Speaking in Philadelphia at the Wizard World event this past weekend, the low-key, Loki actor insisted that there wasn’t any ‘announcement’ coming. When asked by a fan about the 007 rumours, Tom... Read More


Black Widow to be getting a Stand-Alone Film

Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson) first appeared on our screens back in Iron Man 2, a prequel which saw Robert Downey Jr. fighting it against Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash. With the female superhero being such a prominent character in the Marvel films, and with confirmed stand-alone films such as Dr Strange coming to our screens, there has been talks of giving Johansson her very own movie. Scarlett Johansson has played the character since 2010, featuring not only in the Iron Man films, but in Marvel’s Avengers and most recently Captain America: Civil War. A... Read More


Rogue One (Star Wars) – Official Trailer

It’s been a long wait, maybe not as long as The Force Awakens, but the trailer for Rogue One is finally here! Bringing a whole new chapter to the Star Wars franchise, we see the Rebellion rise with Jyn Erso leading the force. Let’s set the scene, the Galaxy is under terror with the Empire at their strongest. The massive Death Star looms over the rebels, Stormtroopers storm the streets (so punny) and the rebels are fleeing at every corner. We’re brought back to the origins of the saga, where Darth Vader... Read More


Peter Jackson called Jake Gyllenhaal ‘the worst actor he has ever seen’

He may have starred in films such as Southpaw and The Day After Tomorrow, but this week, on The Tonight Show, actor Jake Gyllenhaal explained the hilarious story of being called ‘the worst actor he has ever seen’ by the one and only Peter Jackson. The 35-year-old actor appeared on The Tonight Show speaking with Jimmy Fallon about the time he auditioned for Lord of The Rings. It all started with an audition for Lord of the Rings.. ‘So I went in to read for it 9the role of Frodo) –... Read More


People are Photoshopping Jack Black and it’s hilarious

Kung Fu Panda 3 was released just a few days ago starring our favourite, School of Rock star, Jack Black. Of course, Jack Black is a comedian that we’ve all cherished over the years and has had his fair share of funny moments on the red carpet. With his movie out now and the man himself back on the scene, people on Reddit have decided to Photoshop this action-shot of Mr Black himself and it’s hilarious. Posted on the subreddit ‘Photoshop Battles’ via Reddit, users are asked to submit their... Read More


Deadpool is tricking girlfriends everywhere

Deadpool is the latest film to be hyped about for the past year now, but their latest advertising campaign for Valentine’s Day has got some romance-lovers unsuspectingly hooked. The movie is set to release on February 12th and we have to admit, we’re overly excited. With Ryan Reynolds taking the main lead since pushing for the movie nearly 10 years ago, the action-packed, superhero comedy is set to hit the box office big time, and their latest advertising campaign is sure to be a winner. The posters went out on... Read More


Darth Disney

Jump through hyperspace back a couple of years, to the time when you found out Disney had bought out Star Wars. You were obviously a mess – you were crying, throwing up, sweating – heck, I burned a effigy of Donald Duck in my back garden. But now I am absolutely stuffed. Why? Because ever since that date, all I have been doing is eating humble pie. The trailers, the merchandise… AND THAT EFFING ROLLING BB8 DROID TOY THING?! Disney have been doing all of the right things for the... Read More


What to Watch In… 2015

I don’t mean to sound blunt, but… It’s f***ing freezing! I am not going to go to a pub garden with you. You’re mental if you reckon I’m game for a football match. Hell – you can take a flying leap if you think I’m even going to be out of a heated establishment for longer than 3.7 seconds. But, ask me to go to the cinema with you, and I may just consider it. Not only because I have one of those unlimited passes and I enjoy watching your... Read More


Vacation – The Review

32 years since the original road trip that started it off, Vacation follows a similar premise to the Chevy Chase-starring comedy classic, which boasts a bigger, more impressive cast, but less of charm, more gross gags and – make what you will of this – but less boobs, too. Famously, road movies have been hit-and-miss; from Thelma & Louise and Sideways; to Due Date and – sigh – The Guilt Trip. So creating a new road movie is risky, but rehashing a series made famous by one of SNL’s greatest... Read More


WIN Tickets to Absolutely Anything

The hilarious British comedy Absolutely Anything is released in cinemas on August 14th. Simon Pegg and Kate Beckinsale lead the all-star cast, including Robin Williams as the voice of Dennis the dog. To celebrate the release, we’re giving you the chance to win a pair of tickets to a preview screening of the film, Monday 10th August. Absolutely Anything follows a disillusioned school teacher (Pegg) who suddenly finds he has the ability to do anything he wishes, a challenge bestowed upon him by a group of power-crazed aliens (voiced by... Read More