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valentines tips 12/02/2018

5 Valentine’s Day Grooming Disasters and How to Avoid Them

V Day is V close and it’s time to get your groom on. Grooming, that is. Whatever your plans, you’ll want to look as fresh on this night as you did on your very first date. Or, if this IS your very first date, you’ll want to look as fresh as you do in your Tinder pics… But before you reach for the clippers and razors, check out our grooming guide do’s and don’ts to avoid a few of the most common grooming disasters this Valentine’s Day: 1. The Beard... Read More


Nostalgia Alert: 10 Amazing 90s Toys We All Got for Christmas

Hands up, who misses being a kid at Christmas? Us too. Christmas in the 90s usually meant garish tinsel, multi-coloured tree lights that burned hotter than the sun and East 17’s fluffy white hoods. But the best things about Christmas in the 90s were the unbelievably awesome 90s toys. Toys were never this good before the neon-tinged era that was the 90s arrived, and they’ve never been as good since either. Who remembers these absolute classics? Beanie Babies Image via TY Ridiculously expensive but addictively collectible, every 90s kid hoarded... Read More

DIY gifts 20/11/2017

How to Get Through Christmas on a (Student) Budget

Every student and graduate knows the struggle. Christmas arrives, and your bank balance is as pitifully low as ever, only now you’ve got a lot more to pay for than the usual bumper pack of pasta and value toilet rolls. So how do you make it through Christmas on a budget? There are a few great tricks you can use to minimise your spending and enjoy the festive season, so try these out: Budget It sounds obvious (and dull), and it’s usually the thing that parents badger you to set... Read More


Great White Shark Attack – Caught on Camera!

If there’s a phobia to have in this world, a fear of sharks is up there with being one of the most reasonable. I mean, who isn’t scared of reenacting multiple scenes from Jaws whilst out swimming in the sea? In reality, shark attacks are extremely rare and the fear, although reasonable, doesn’t really come with any actual events. Most of the phobia surrounding ‘attacks’ simply come from what we see in movies and TV shows. We couldn’t say the same however for Tyler McQuillen who experienced it first hand and... Read More


This guy got drunk in Ibiza and spent £28,500 in one night

Going to Ibiza is always a laugh with the guys, it’s a place where you’ll spend your weekend clubbing and end up stranded on a beach with your pants down and a tattoo of your mate’s ex-girlfriend’s dog. Crazy stuff happens basically. But what you wouldn’t expect to do, is spend £28,500 in one night just like this guy did.. The poor fella in question? Dave Little. Waking up with a huge hangover, he does what everyone normally does, and checked his phone to catch them notifications. What he discovered... Read More


Brooklyn Beckham’s first car is ridiculous

Getting your first car is always exciting. A 1 litre Vauxhall Corsa with four missing hub cabs and a poorly fitted stereo that has enough bass to ruin your suspension. Brooklyn Beckham on the other hand has got probably the most expensive first car you’ll see, and he’s only 17.. Wowza, that is one expensive Mercedes. Having passed his driving test at 17, Beckham admittedly didn’t go for a Lamborghini (we’ll give him that seeing his family is worth an estimated $500 million) but bought a brand new silver Mercedes... Read More


What Celebrities Were Really Like At School – Revealed by Reddit Users

We all know celebrities, from Kanye West to Kurt Cobain, we’ve followed their lives through the news and media to the T. With a lot of us naming ourselves their ‘biggest’ fans, how well do we actually know them? Well, users over on Reddit have discussed what the celebrities were like at school, an interesting read! Former teachers of celebrities were asked (via sub-reddit ‘AskReddit’) to reveal what they were actually like before they were famous. With these famous people seeming so exclusive, it seems like after all they were... Read More


Teenager got suspended from school for this hilarious tweet..

Leonardo Semma, an American high school student, celebrated his graduation by reflecting on a hilarious incident over Twitter that got him suspended for three days back in January. The 17 year-old gave it large to his regional superintendent over Twitter when an update was given that the parking lots had not been yet cleared of snow during a period of bad weather; The Superintendent, Kenneth Gutman, exclaimed: “I apologise for the parking lots not being plowed. It’s unacceptable and we’re on it” To which Leonardo responded: “sorry’s not going to melt... Read More


There was a Star Wars Pug Parade and it was hilarious

What are two of our favourite things? Pugs and Star Wars. You wouldn’t really expect to see the two together but an event this year called the ‘Star Wars Pug Parade’ (Themed ‘Pug Crawl’) took place in Oregon recently and the costumes are as hilarious as you would of thought! Instagram: allyhaller The little bug-eyed pets have had us in fits of giggles since the beginning of the internet. Everything from the ‘instafamous’ Doug the Pug and the hilarious Loca who can’t quite run properly, has captivated us to our... Read More


Guys Take A Cardboard Cutout of Their Mate for a Road Trip with Hilarious Results

It has to be said, if you haven’t gone for a road trip with your mates or a lads holiday then you’re missing out. Just think, banter, food and lots of hilarious antics to lighten up from a long year of work/exams. Unfortunately, for Kevin, his fiancé called off the road trip made for his birthday by his friends before it even started. What a blow. The plan? Head off out to a club, throw in some weightlifting work afterwards, play soccer in the streets, and stay out till 2am munching on food.... Read More


This Company Will Pay You Over £8000 To Travel Around The World & Drink A Ton Of Beer Over Summer

It’s always been a dream for a lot of us to travel the world and just drink a ton of beer, the only problem being we all have jobs and responsibilities *sigh*. Well, now you can drink beer, travel the world AND earn a ton of money thanks to this company! Sounds like a great summer job right? A chain of craft beer taverns based in Florida are looking for three interns who are up for spending four months over the summer period to travel and drink alcohol at breweries... Read More


Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan Tatum are setting the bar for relationships..Grr

With Valentines Day approaching, we thought we’d look at the celebrity couple of the month; Mr and Mrs Tatum. The two love birds have been in the lime light for all the right reasons this January. With Jenna giving Channing a very seductive lap dance on Lip Sync Battle, as well as the appreciation posts from Channing via his Instagram, the couple have caught the public’s heart big time. The two met on the set of Step Up where Channing Tatum made his way into fame back in 2006. 10... Read More