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Sony Reveal NEW PS4 Pro + More

The whole world is seemingly going crazy over the iPhone 7 and those bluetooth headphones that we’ve already lost, BUT, we’d just like to take some time to have a look at the new reveal from Playstation. Gaming just got a lot more serious, maybe. Sony recently announced two new and stylish PlayStation models during the PlayStation Meeting 2016 Livestream event: the powerful PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim. The ‘PS4 NEO’ being the ‘PS4 Pro’ – the old name sounds better to be fair.. The Pro, when connected to an... Read More


Artist who knows nothing about Pokemon, gets challenged to draw Pokemon

If someone told you to draw Mew or Charmander, you might not be able to draw like the next Leonardo Davinci, but you could probably draw something that resembles the fictional characters. Well, a reddit user known as netwoodle, seemingly has no clue what pokemon look like, so he set himself a challenge, to let people throw names at him so he could have a go.. If someone told you that they’ve never watched, seen or played Pokemon before you wouldn’t believe them. Us too. But seemingly the netweedle has led... Read More


You Can Now Turn Your Phone into a Game Boy

Playing Pokemon Red/Blue into the early hours of the morning, when you were six years old, was one of the best parts of childhood. With the old Game Boy being so outdated (but still amazing) a company has now made it possible to play the same games on your mobile phone! Developed by Hyperkin and revealed by Neowin, Smart Boy was simply an April Fools’ joke back last year that has now quickly become a reality. With such a great response from the public wanting Smart Boy to come into... Read More


E3 Highlights: What’s Revealed?

E3 has brought in a whole load of exciting news for gamers out there! From the Xbox lovers to the Playstation fanatics, the game releases set for this year and the next will be keeping us all on our toes. Because of the amount of games revealed this June, we thought we’d take a look at some of the most exciting releases to come out of E3.. Crash Bandicoot Remaster Sony have announced that they’re remastering not one but three Crash Bandicoot games: “Crash Bandicoot“, “Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes... Read More


Win DOOM on PC, Xbox or PS4

CLOSED – (WINNER TO BE ANNOUNCED) We’re giving one lucky winner the chance to win DOOM on their favourite console! All you have to do is comment your favourite console on the Facebook post via our page and we’ll randomly choose a winner on the 20th of June! Terms and Conditions: Entries must be made by an individual at the age of 18 or over. To enter all you have to do is comment your favourite console on the Facebook post for the chance. Only one entry (comment) per person.... Read More


New Sony PS4 is called NEO according to rumours..

The PS4 is a console which can be found in nearly every household. Battling it out against the Xbox One, it’s a console which has brought games such as Far Cry: Primal and Tom Clancy’s Division into our living rooms. It wasn’t actually too long ago that most gamers had a PS3 in their bedroom, a couple versions of CoD and Little Planet on the shelf for a laugh. Now there’s talks of a new PlayStation and it’s apparently called…NEO. According to video game website Giant Bomb, the codename for the latest version... Read More


Gaming’s Greatest Wingmen

In the digital world, you’re an almighty, powerful hero, wielding swords and defending kingdoms from ultimate evil. Albeit, on the other end of the controller, you’re a borderline overweight lad who has, what you hope is, a Quaver lodged in your belly button. Behind every great gaming character is his trusty wingman, who would literally do anything for you, whether it’s taking a bullet for you, or using their pair of tails to levitate a blue hedgehog over a row of metallic spikes. (If you’re struggling to work out what game... Read More


GTA: The Ballad of Gay Elsa

Do you want to build a snowman? No, I bloody don’t, Anna – in fact, I wanna get my base-face on and dance to some dirty, dirty dubstep anthems until my ears are bloody and sore. Unfortunately, that line didn’t make it to the final cut of the surprisingly good Disney animation, Frozen. And if you didn’t think it was surprisingly good, you haven’t seen it; are a compulsive liar, or had a horrendous childhood. Either way, I’ll let it go. (And if you got that reference, you have seen... Read More


Give Us a Break

“Listen, police, I just played a meth dealer on television…” When you see what this post is about, you will find the title hilarious. Until then, not so much. The Fast and the Furious originated as a video game, which spawned into a movie-franchise, acquiring Hollywood icons such as Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodrigues, Dwayne Johnson and the late-great Paul Walker. It has become Universal Studios’ biggest franchise of all time, having earned $2.3 billion. Need for Speed, too, originated as a video game, and, too, has spawned into a movie.... Read More


The Best Game of 2014

Dishonored. The Walking Dead. Half-Life. No, I’m not describing how I feel after Thirsty Thursday, but instead listing previous winners of a British Academy Video Games Award. Dara Ó Briain is to host the awards ceremony – and he couldn’t be a better choice – he’s a science nerd, a mathematics geek and a debating guru. Could you be any nerdier?! The awards, which take place on Wednesday, 12 March, are to reward this year’s video games in over 17 categories including Best Story, Best Performer and Best Artistic Achievement.... Read More


Mario and Lu-Wii-Gi

Throwing disembowelled turtle shells at princesses heads. Driving upside down in your anti-gravity motor. Dodging dolphins and piranhas as you race a tie-wearing gorilla and talking mushroom. No, this isn’t the effect of too much flu medicine, but the chaos that can – and definitely will – ensue in the latest instalment, Mario Kart 8. For years, nothing has brought friends and family closer than the Italian plumber’s racing game… And the reason friends and family are so close is because they have their hands around each other’s necks, having... Read More