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Saturday Night Takeaway 2018 – Dec’s Solo Triumph and What to Expect from the Season Finale

It’s been a turbulent few weeks for everybody’s favourite TV comedy duo, that’s for sure. The outlook was bleak for the final few episodes of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway 2018 series, with troubled Ant Mcpartlin’s latest mishap seeing him crashing his car and landing himself a drink-driving charge. In all the commotion it seemed like early curtains for the show, with that weekend’s installment being cancelled following Ant’s return to rehab. But Dec – God love him – was not going to give up that easily. He returned to... Read More

valentines tips 12/02/2018

5 Valentine’s Day Grooming Disasters and How to Avoid Them

V Day is V close and it’s time to get your groom on. Grooming, that is. Whatever your plans, you’ll want to look as fresh on this night as you did on your very first date. Or, if this IS your very first date, you’ll want to look as fresh as you do in your Tinder pics… But before you reach for the clippers and razors, check out our grooming guide do’s and don’ts to avoid a few of the most common grooming disasters this Valentine’s Day: 1. The Beard... Read More


Nostalgia Alert: 10 Amazing 90s Toys We All Got for Christmas

Hands up, who misses being a kid at Christmas? Us too. Christmas in the 90s usually meant garish tinsel, multi-coloured tree lights that burned hotter than the sun and East 17’s fluffy white hoods. But the best things about Christmas in the 90s were the unbelievably awesome 90s toys. Toys were never this good before the neon-tinged era that was the 90s arrived, and they’ve never been as good since either. Who remembers these absolute classics? Beanie Babies Image via TY Ridiculously expensive but addictively collectible, every 90s kid hoarded... Read More


Gifts for the Gals: Shop The Blue Inc Women’s Christmas Gift Guide

Out of ideas for Christmas gifts for her? Don’t give up just yet; we’ve got some great ones. There’s always the perfect gift waiting out there for all the ladies in your life, be it your friends, girlfriend, sister or wife. And with Blue Inc, you can find her something special for an equally special price. Take a look at our women’s gift ideas, each tailored to different personalities from the outdoorsy ones to the party-lovers. For the Outdoorsy One – Knitted Hat with Pom Pom With most of the... Read More


Gifts for the Guys: Shop the Blue Inc Men’s Christmas Gift Guide

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life? We’ve all been there. Luckily you’ve got us to guide you, and we’ve got a selection of great gift ideas to please all sorts of personalities from the sports nuts to the party goers. Load up on inspiration and enjoy our incredible low prices as an added Christmas bonus. For the Sports Nut – Levis Navy Contrast Hi-Top Trainers Combining classic sport style with luxury fashion, these Levis hi-tops make the perfect Christmas gift for the sporty guy in... Read More

DIY gifts 20/11/2017

How to Get Through Christmas on a (Student) Budget

Every student and graduate knows the struggle. Christmas arrives, and your bank balance is as pitifully low as ever, only now you’ve got a lot more to pay for than the usual bumper pack of pasta and value toilet rolls. So how do you make it through Christmas on a budget? There are a few great tricks you can use to minimise your spending and enjoy the festive season, so try these out: Budget It sounds obvious (and dull), and it’s usually the thing that parents badger you to set... Read More


Here’s How Much You Can Save This Black Friday at Blue Inc

OK, so we’ve kicked off Black Friday a little early this year, but only because we couldn’t wait any longer to reveal our fantastic discounts. Black Friday 2017 starts TODAY folks, that’s a whole extra week of fashion savings. You’re welcome. This year you guys can enjoy a whopping 40% off everything in our online store. Yes, that’s right – with the exception of one or two selected concessions, you can slash 40% off all of your favourite branded tops, jeans, trousers, dresses, skirts, trainers, boots and accessories for men and... Read More


The 7 Best Netflix Horror Movies To Freak You Out This Halloween

Fear junkies, this one’s for you. Halloween is freakishly close now, so what could be better than a week’s worth of the best horror movies on Netflix to keep the screams going as long as possible? We’ve compiled a watch list of the scariest, the funniest and the craziest horror flicks out there, and you can watch them all without ever leaving the sofa. So lock all the doors and windows, turn all the lights off and find your best blanket to hide behind; it’s showtime. The Omen (1976) Image... Read More


The Best Cheap City Breaks for a Mates’ Weekend Away in 2017

Cheap city break, anyone? The best way to banish the post-summer holiday blues is with an autumn long weekend, but where’s cheap to travel in 2017? Forget Brexit for a moment; European cities are still the budget-friendly Godsend for travellers looking for a great deal, and we’ve found four of the cheapest city breaks the continent has to offer. So grab your passport, round up your mates and pick a destination.   Lisbon Cost of a pint: £1.32 Cost of a cocktail: £7 Cost of an average meal (per person):... Read More

freshers week fashion 14/09/2017

The Freshers Week Fashion Refresh

What’s the one thing you need for freshers week, apart from beer money? A decent new set of threads, that’s what. Yep, it’s time to stock up on those all-important going out clothes, and we’ve got tips for finding cheap freshers week clothes and how best to style your look.  So step right this way for a freshers week fashion refresh that’s kind on a student’s wallet, and grab an entire new outfit for as little as £36. Chinos: £10 Chinos, the jeans’ smarter cousin, are a winning fashion choice... Read More


Wearing a Jumper – The Autumn Style Guide

You’ve just stepped outside in your t-shirt and jeans, looking forward to starting that Summer morning..oh wait no it’s Autumn. It’s getting cold, you can’t keep denying it, which means if you want to look stylish and comfy, then you’re going to have to get yourself a new wardrobe. Or perhaps a whole range of new jumpers? When you think about styling a jumper, you probably think to yourself, “How am I meant to style a jumper? I just throw it on and that’s done?” – Well, yes, you can... Read More


Michael Bublé looks Unrecognisable sporting a Top Knot & Stud Earrings

Michael Bublé has a signature look for sure. A black suit, white shirt and skinny tie to match, the guy is every mum’s not-so-secret celebrity crush. A bit of stubble and short hair, the guy is a catch for sure, except for the fact he’s changed his look completely.. Relax, relax, it’s only a disguise, but Michael is looking unrecognisable with thick frame glasses, top knot, some stud earrings..oh and a prosthetic nose. The new look was for a hidden camera BBC stunt at London’s Oxford Street branch for John... Read More