The Freshers Week Fashion Refresh

The Freshers Week Fashion Refresh

What’s the one thing you need for freshers week, apart from beer money? A decent new set of threads, that’s what.

Yep, it’s time to stock up on those all-important going out clothes, and we’ve got tips for finding cheap freshers week clothes and how best to style your look. 

So step right this way for a freshers week fashion refresh that’s kind on a student’s wallet, and grab an entire new outfit for as little as £36.

Chinos: £10

Chinos, the jeans’ smarter cousin, are a winning fashion choice for a big night out. They go with just about anything, so they’re an ideal base for creating dozens of outfits – perfect if you’re on a student budget. Pair them up with t-shirts, shirts, sweaters and practically any style of shoe and create a casual style with a hint of smart. If it’s going out clothes you’re after, these slim-fit chinos from Industrialize are the perfect place to start, and for only a tenner they’re an absolute steal for freshers week.

Black Jeans: £12

If you’re planning on spending freshers week in slightly more casual style, a sturdy pair of jeans is your best bet. Black jeans in particular make the perfect going out clothing selection, partly due to them being easy to match up to other clothing, but also for their ability to hide spilled drink stains – it is freshers week after all, so it pays to be prepared. Just like chinos, you can pair these Industrialize black straight leg jeans with just about any t-shirts, shirts and shoes, and they’re only £12. Freshers week bargain, anyone?

Long Sleeve Shirt: £12.99

Planning a smart casual night out during freshers week? A long sleeve shirt is probably your best bet, and you’ll be amazed at how affordable these can be on a student budget. This stylish slim fit khaki shirt by Twisted Soul is a cracking £12.99, leaving you plenty of beer cash leftover to enjoy an entire week of freshers fun. It’s low key khaki colour makes it incredibly easy to pair up with trousers or jeans of any shade, so it’ll fit easily with any existing wardrobe collection.

Short Sleeve Shirt: £8

Shirts make great going out clothes, but sometimes the long sleeve styles aren’t the most practical choice if you’re heading to the clubs. If you want to make the effort for freshers but don’t fancy roasting alive in a long sleeve shirt, there’s always the trusty short sleeve styles. This classic checked shirt by Twisted Soul ticks all the night-out boxes: comfortable, stylish and super easy on the wallet at just £8. Pair with your favourite jeans or chinos for a smart casual look to take you all the way through freshers and beyond.

T-Shirt: 2 for £10

As every uni lad’s wardrobe staple and the ultimate fashion saviour of a last-minute night out, the humble t-shirt needs to be added to your freshers week clothes shopping list. You can never have too many t-shirts for a night out; simply throw them on and you’re ready for the seven nights of partying ahead, and for the rest of the year to follow. These Industrialize notch-neck t-shirts bring the easy-to-wear, classic casual style to your freshers week style line-up, and the price is just as easy to get on board with. At two for a tenner, these are a total no-brainer.

Sweater: £9.99

You never know where freshers week can take you, so it’s worth having all the bases covered when it comes to going out clothes. Have a sweater on hand to make sure you’ve got a stylish option for those outdoor events and parties throughout the week, when the autumn weather means those short sleeve t-shirts just won’t cut it. This is the UK after all.  This understated round neck sweater from Industrialize is perfect for layering up your freshers week look, and it’s very student budget-friendly at just under a tenner.


Desert Boots: £19.99

Finally, to complete our student night out clothing line-up, we’ve got the perfect pair of going out shoes that’ll work with practically any outfit. Not many students can stretch to a new pair of shoes for every new outfit, even for freshers week, so these suedette desert boots from our very own Twisted Soul Heritage collection are the perfect solution. These will go with any jeans, chinos, t-shirts and shirts no problem at all, and are suitable for pubs, clubs and just about any other event that freshers week could throw at you. And, at just under £20 they’re a total bargain to boot – please pardon us the pun.

So that’s seven style bargains, one for each day of freshers week, to see you into the new uni year in student budget-friendly style. And there’s plenty more affordable men’s clothing to be found across the Blue Inc website, so check out our latest styles and grab yourself some freshers fashion for less.