This guy got drunk in Ibiza and spent £28,500 in one night

This guy got drunk in Ibiza and spent £28,500 in one night

Going to Ibiza is always a laugh with the guys, it’s a place where you’ll spend your weekend clubbing and end up stranded on a beach with your pants down and a tattoo of your mate’s ex-girlfriend’s dog. Crazy stuff happens basically. But what you wouldn’t expect to do, is spend £28,500 in one night just like this guy did..


The poor fella in question? Dave Little. Waking up with a huge hangover, he does what everyone normally does, and checked his phone to catch them notifications. What he discovered was a £28,500 bill for a bus that he purchased. Yep, he spent £28,500 on a bus. Who comes up with this kind of stuff?


“Still can’t believe what I did last night in Ibiza.
So I was in Ushuaia last night absolutely loving life with not a care in the world, and the night just flew over, when I left the night club I took my phone out of my pocket and realised I had bought a £30,000 grand bus…. WTF.. I actually can’t believe this is happening..
Ibiza ruins lives!!!! #fact

P.s anybody want to buy a bus off me????”


His Facebook Post went viral with over 4,000 shares!

To be honest Dave, we’re actually looking for a bus..?