REVEALED: Harley Quinn & Robin CONFIRMED connection – Suicide Squad

REVEALED: Harley Quinn & Robin CONFIRMED connection – Suicide Squad

If you haven’t seen Suicide Squad yet then we suggest you go see it! No matter whether or not you thought it was amazing/terrible, it brings to life a lot of the comic-famous characters that were in need of a film feature. One character in particular, Harley Quinn, whom of which now has a confirmed connection with Batman’s partner-in-crimefighting..Robin.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad

One of the main stars of the film, if not Will Smith, definitely has to be Margot Robbie’s role as Harley Quinn. A splash of sexy and a whole litre of craziness, Harley Quinn captured the attention of many with her one-liners, and being a dangerous liability altogether. Although she was a key figure in the film, many missed a certain flashback scene which showed that Harley Quinn was an ‘accomplice’ in the death of Batman’s sidekick, Robin.

No way!

With DC trying to make way for a whole heap of films, it’s likely that the graffiti’d costume in the Batman V. Superman film could have links with the flashback. Make way for a Batman V. Harley Quinn and The Joker?


Costume states “Haha Jokes on You Batman” – DEFINITELY one of the two!