Zayn Malik Says An Alien Told Him to Leave 1D

Zayn Malik Says An Alien Told Him to Leave 1D

We’ve never been ones to talk about pop boyband celebrities such as Zayn Malik, but when it comes out that the guy quit One Direction because an alien told him so…it did catch a bit of unusual interest.


The superstar artist has said that his decision to quit One Direction was based on something an alien told him to do. Zayn left the band back in March 2015 to pursue a solo-career and has since made worldwide hits such as Pillowtalk.

When asked about the first time he realised he wanted to pursue a solo music career, the 23-year-old told Glamour magazine “An alien spoke to me in a dream,”. Well then, what an answer.

Any odds on what kind of alien told him guys?

We’ve made some bets:




Or maybe even..

Little Green Men:


What do you guys think?