Brooklyn Beckham’s first car is ridiculous

Brooklyn Beckham’s first car is ridiculous

Getting your first car is always exciting. A 1 litre Vauxhall Corsa with four missing hub cabs and a poorly fitted stereo that has enough bass to ruin your suspension. Brooklyn Beckham on the other hand has got probably the most expensive first car you’ll see, and he’s only 17..

Brooklyn Beckham

Wowza, that is one expensive Mercedes.

Having passed his driving test at 17, Beckham admittedly didn’t go for a Lamborghini (we’ll give him that seeing his family is worth an estimated $500 million) but bought a brand new silver Mercedes C Class worth approximately £37,000.


The Beckham’s are, somewhat, modest with their purchases and lifestyle, previously supporting Brooklyn for a job at a cafe so that he could learn to make his own pocket money and support himself. A Mercedes C Class may not be the most expensive thing that Brooklyn could have bought himself, but it’s a far step from that corsa we’re all roaming around in, or maybe a clio?

The 17 year-old has recently been in the news for opening up about his relationship with film star Chloe Grace-Moretz.