REVEALED: Ugly Naked Guy from FRIENDS has been identified!

REVEALED: Ugly Naked Guy from FRIENDS has been identified!

Friends is a show that we all know and love, it’s the kind of show that’s always a winner when watching. You can’t go wrong with it. From Chandler to Joey, the characters are still so recognisable since airing in 1994, however one infamous character wasn’t so recognisable: Ugly Naked Guy.


Although coming up a lot in pretty much every series of Friends, Ugly Naked Guy’s identity was never revealed and trying to catch a glimpse of the popular hunk was hard to come by, until recently.

Huffington Post made it a year long conquest to find the man and bring him home, or well just reveal who the individual is so that our curiosity can calm down. They found him.

The main man who played Ugly Naked Guy?

Jon Haugen. 


Not ugly in the slightest, but his flowing brown locks verify that this is the man we’ve been looking for.

Jon told Huffington Post: “There’s only one Ugly Naked Guy, man, and that was me.

Adding: “It was the best time in my life.

Ugly Naked Guy - Friends - Couch Scene

Talking about a couple scenes the actor featured in, Haugen also revealed that he wasn’t actually naked in the scene where he’s hanging out with Ross ‘naked’ on the couch.

We were just in boxer shorts and they made it look like we were naked.”

Cheers for the reveal, we’d highly recommend not searching ‘Ugly Naked Guy’ in google images btw!