Lady Gaga is banned from China..

Lady Gaga is banned from China..

The American pop star has sold more than 27m albums and has appeared in the likes of ‘American Horror Story’. Although in the past controversial, she’s been an idol for many and has spoken out about world issues that are close to our hearts. With all this in mind, it might surprise you that she has in fact been banned from China for meeting up with the Dalai Lama. Oh..


After meeting with the individual to discuss yoga, China has subsequently banned Lady Gaga from entry. The reason for all of it? The Dalai Lama has a strong desire to free Tibet from the Chinese rule since being exiled in 1959, and with a 19-minute encounter between the Tibetan monk and Gaga, they’ve given a reason to ban her from the country too.

Oh god.

The meeting between the two sparked an angry reaction from the leaders at Beijing, whom of which has  denounced the spiritual leader as a ‘wolf in monk’s robes’.

Following the pop singer’s meeting, the Communist party’s ‘propaganda’ department released an “important instruction” which banned Lady Gaga’s entire repertoire from the mainland of China, according to Hong Kong’s pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily.


All media sites and newspaper tabloids have since been banned from publishing her music or promoting anything released via herself.

Well then, what’s up with that?