Peter Jackson called Jake Gyllenhaal ‘the worst actor he has ever seen’

Peter Jackson called Jake Gyllenhaal ‘the worst actor he has ever seen’

He may have starred in films such as Southpaw and The Day After Tomorrow, but this week, on The Tonight Show, actor Jake Gyllenhaal explained the hilarious story of being called ‘the worst actor he has ever seen’ by the one and only Peter Jackson.

Jake Gyllenhaal LOTR

The 35-year-old actor appeared on The Tonight Show speaking with Jimmy Fallon about the time he auditioned for Lord of The Rings.

It all started with an audition for Lord of the Rings..

So I went in to read for it 9the role of Frodo) – and I remember going into this room and there was a lot of stage directions – we didn’t have any lines to say, really it was just like finding the ring and you are supposed to open the thing and there is a ring there…’ Jake exclaimed. 

‘..I remember I didn’t really do it because I didn’t really understand – because there were no lines – so I walked up and sort of opened it up and was like: ‘Was that good?’,’ he jokingly said.

He then explained, with his face in his hands, “I didn’t do an accent for it,” he remembered. “[Peter Jackson] literally turned to me and said, ‘You are the worst actor I’ve ever seen. Did anyone tell you you’re supposed to have an accent?’ I was like, ‘No.’ And he was like, ‘Well, fire your agents.'”


Of course, Jake Gyllenhaal has since featured in a whole heap of successful films and has even gone onto scoring a nomination for Best Supporting Actor for Brokeback Mountain.

You go Jake!