Chris Martin Carpool Karaoke – A Duet You Never Thought You Needed

Chris Martin Carpool Karaoke – A Duet You Never Thought You Needed

On their way to The Super Bowl this upcoming Sunday, Chris Martin hitchhiked his way to San Francisco with James Corden taking the wheel in, what could be, the funniest Carpool Karaoke yet.

Carpool Karaoke has been a part of The Late Late Show for a while now and has left us all in hysterics. With the likes of Adele and Justin Bieber getting the famous ‘James Corden’ treatment, Coldplay’s Chris Martin is the most recent celeb to be jamming along in the front seat.

The guys kicked off the road trip with Adventure of A Lifetime and oh snap son, what a harmony! You’d have never thought that Chris and James would hit it off so well but the guys can sure entertain. Both belting out the high notes, we got a quick listen of what a Coldplay ft. Smithy duet might sound like. #GetInThere


Moving on forward to The Golden City, Chris Martin gave us a great explanation of American Football;

‘The pitcher has to tee off and it lands wherever it might land and then it’s 15-love, and if he gets it in the basket then it’s nine points to the other team, and at the end of it they hand out bowls and some of them are really super.’

And then went ahead to do an uncanny Mick Jagger impression;

 ‘I think my favourite band to see is the Stones’, I love going to see them anywhere’

15 minutes of pure feel-good comedy and nostalgia with tunes like ‘Viva La Vida‘ and ‘Yellow‘ getting their own humour filled feature, whilst a rendition of ‘Heroes‘ by the late great David Bowie and a cuddle up in a motel made the Carpool Karaoke all the more enjoyable.

Oh and then there was the bike ride after!