The Purrfect Song

The Purrfect Song

Someone’s made a song of cat noises?! You have got to be kitten me right now! Our guest blogger, Gareth O’Sullivan, not only tells us about the track, but also chucks in a few more cat puns too!


Run The Jewels, an Amercian hip-hop duo have dropped a new track “Oh My Darling (Don’t Meow) Just Blaze Remix” and many cat lovers are saying it’s meowtastic!

If you’ve not realised yet, it’s a remix consisting cat sounds… Specifically for the cat lovers and rap fans out there.

Run the Jewels

According to MTV, “The Just Blaze-produced banger plays as the soundtrack to a mini-movie about giant cats who are taking over a city.”

Could this really be the purrrrfect remix of a hip hop song? Who knows… but these cats seem to enjoy it!

As much as we all think cats are cute, let’s just hope they don’t take over the rap game!