Chip VS Tinie

Chip VS Tinie

I was at a pub lunch and genuinely got attacked by a squirrel. Legit. I had to throw my hunter’s chicken at it to stop it’s mad, crazed blood-lust. What’s this got to do with this bloomin’ article, I hear you ask. Well, I’m trying to explain that rodents are vicious. Don’t believe me? Ask Gareth O’Sullivan, ‘cos he’s got even more news on the artist formerly known as Chipmunk…


Following on from the Chip-Bugzy beef, on Tuesday, Chip dropped yet another diss track, but this time in reply to 26 year old English rapper Tinie Tempah.

For those that don’t know, Tempah dissed Chip at 1xtra Live in Leeds and in less than 48 hours Chip already had his diss track ready “Coward”.

Is Tinie going to come back at Chip? Who knows… We’ll have to find out!