Chip VS Bugzy

Chip VS Bugzy

If I were to tell you that – in the music industry – a chipmunk was having a fight with a 1976 film starring Jodie Foster, you’d probably think I was quoting a song from The Beatles. I’m not, however. Gareth O’Sullivan tells us all about the rap-off in the charts.


If you’ve heard of Bugzy Malone then you’ve probably heard of Chip. With all this beef going on recently in the music industry, Chip spits bars back at the Manchester rapper Bugzy Malone for the second time in the past few days!

All started off with Bugzy Malone releasing his diss track “Relegation Riddim” dissing Tottenham rapper Chipmunk.

Although it’s been five months since Chip actually decided to respond, he’s now dropped two bars at Bugzy – something he probably wasn’t expecting.

Chipmunk first dropped “Light Work” on Friday 11th September,

After seeing Manchester rapper Bugzy Malone’s reponse on twitter, Chip decided to drop yet another diss track on Tuesday 15th September.

Is Bugzy going to come back at Chip? We’ll have to wait and see.