HOW TO… Run the Marathon in Style

HOW TO… Run the Marathon in Style

I have two mates running the London Marathon this year; one dressed as a chicken, one dressed as an egg. This could be interesting…

We wish everyone running the 26 mile long sporting event plenty of luck. And we wish EVEN MORE luck to those running behind Paula Radcliffe.

Jim Carrey

If – like us – you’re not competing; in fact, you’re going to be sat in front of the screen in your pants with Greggs’ chicken bake crumbs smeared across your belly, you’re feeling pretty guilty about not joining in and raising money for charity. You can’t stand those harsh glances from pedestrians. All of them thinking “You sicko! You’re not taking part in the marathon? Do you not support charities? Do you actually like famine?!”

Well fear not, my friend, because you can now pretend to be taking part with our collection of men’s sportswear. You can get all of the glory without even breaking a sweat. (I’m really not getting the point of this whole “donating money” thing, am I?)