World Cup is Biting Stuff

World Cup is Biting Stuff

Barclays Bite

It’s okay. We can slag off Luis Suarez as much as we want, because he knocked us out of the World Cup. That’s what we do best; we’re not great at defence; you don’t want to see England in a penalty shoot-out, but complaining about the championship after we’ve been knocked out?! Forget about it – you may as well play our national anthem now.

During their game against Italy, Uruguay’s forward took what the manager said and practiced it; “I want you boys to go out there; give it your all and sink your teeth into the match”.

Not content with a starter and a main, Suarez saw Italian defender Girogio Chiellini as the ideal end to his three-course meal. Sure, we feel bad for Chiellini – that must have really hurt; I mean, having normal-sized teeth dig into your bare flesh would be sore, but Suarez’s?! Sheesh – but if it wasn’t for that event, we wouldn’t have the below.

I like retro gaming. I like the World Cup. And I love the clever computer-nerds who coined up this Pac-Man inspired video game. I don’t even know why you’re still reading this: click on me to play the game, already!


And if you’ve still stuck around; firstly, thank you, and secondly, check out our bite-less Italia tees.

Italia Bite (Twitter)By Daniel Merrifield